Printing Brooklyn: Tips for Creating an Awesome Brochure

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Creating an awesome brochure from step one could be challenging. The most difficult part is making it stand out of the competition. Our blog will go over some amazing tips on how to achieve that and make your brochure shine.

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Have a Clear Goal in Advance

When designing a new brochure for a client, collect as much information as possible. You could call it picking a direction. If they tell you to design one from scratch by yourself, look at their logo or office background for clues.

There is no Need to Spam Fonts

Limit font use to the heading and subheadings. Some people try to stand out by spamming different fonts all over their brochure, but it ends up looking weird and unattractive. Leave that part to your clients as their company probably have specific choices.

You Need Good Copywriting

Spend some time thinking and writing the copy. Measure how long it should be to fit with other designing elements. Avoid using fluff words. These words offer no value and serve only to increase the length of your texts. Potential clients like it short and simple and will lose attention if the brochure has too many texts or too much fluff in it. Our Print Shop Brooklyn can offer you some pointers on that.

Simple Statements Are the Key to Success

Make sure the brochure is clean and simple. Do not include too many images or texts. Find a balance of colors to make sure everything is easy to read. Unless if you discover a unique synergy and would love to try it out. Keep the headings short and simple. By doing that, potential clients will be able to easily follow up on the message.

It is Better to be Efficient Rather Than Different

If your older designs are successful, use newer versions of them. Trying to stand out too much might go against the original goal – to attract clients and generate leads. Most designers will continue using the same fonts and color combinations for multiple projects. If it works, why bother changing it? Unless if you came up with the best idea in history.

The Brochure Should Fit with the Company’s Image

Avoid designing something too grand for a charity. It will give out the wrong impression as if the charity is using too much money on cosmetics rather than helping the needy. New products will need grand design brochures to look awesome during their exhibition. Our Printing Brooklyn shop can make that happen.

Be Wise with Photo Use

Hiring a professional photographer for smaller projects might be cost-inefficient, so the best choice would be to search for stock photography instead. Avoid using images which are ”too-stockish” as clients are tired of these.


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