Creating an Amazing Business Card at our Print Shop Brooklyn, NY

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Business cards are essential for your reputation management as they immediately make an impression when you hand them to someone. The card must contain important information such as a professional image, the company logo, phone number, physical address, some notable services, and more. Your clients must be comfortable working with you. To make the most out of your business cards, they must have a good design, material, and ink. Our print shop Brooklyn, NY is the best choice for this job.

Here Are Some Tips From Our Print Shop Brooklyn

Brooklyn printing, print shop Brooklyn, printing company BrooklynAs a Brooklyn Printing shop with a rich history, we have discovered some amazing tips on how to create astonishing and unique business cards. Here are the rules we follow:

  • There are different shape options. While rectangular shapes are the most common option, there are other choices as well. Your business card can resemble a product such as a bottle, cup, or a box. It can take the shape of a hexagon or octagon. It can be something unique. Going through different ideas can lead to some surprising results. Our Print Shop Brooklyn can help you decide on that
  • Choose a size. Every country has a standard size. In the US, it is 3.5 x 2 inches. If you want to be unique, see what everyone else is going with and choose a different size
  • Some texts are of vital importance, and you should include them in. Things like an address, personal name, company name, email, website address, phone number, and some common services
  • Play around with colors and fonts. The idea is getting something which clients and partners can read easily. A good business card will maintain balance – matching colors and readable letters
  • Adding special effects could be a great plus. Our print shop Brooklyn can help by adding a special coating to your card. The choices are great, and there are many possibilities to work with
  • After the card is ready, hold it in your hand and feel its touch. Go through the text and verify it’s easy to read. If something doesn’t look or feel right, you can always ask for an upgrade

NuMiracle Press

Our print shop Brooklyn is amazing at creating professional and good looking business cards. By working as a team, we can make them quickly while maintaining the highest possible quality standards. We will go through your request and provide amazing final results. Should you need an update, we will be there to help. Be sure to contact us for any further information.

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