Brooklyn Printing Services: How To Design Amazing Postcards

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There are three things amazing postcards have in common. They should look unique, memorable, and keep everything short and simple. If you want to succeed in your next marketing campaign and reach new customers, an amazing postcard will go a long way. Nu-Miracle Press will help you out. We can offer you amazing Brooklyn printing services. Our new blog will show you some interesting ways and tips for creating amazing postcards. Easily get a client response by following these seven pieces of advice.

1. Check If The Quality Of Your Simple Elements Is Good

There are a few elements you need to take into consideration before beginning the design process of your new postcard. How much does it weigh? Is the card durable? Is the paper high quality or lower? Are you using gloss or matt? These questions are of vital importance if you want your overall quality to stay high and perform well during close inspections.

2. Use Different Colors In Unison With Each Other

Intelligent color positioning is essential for your postcard design. There are a few things to include: colors which resemble the company logo, logo background color or schemes, the design of your website, and similar. Going for different colors is inconsistent and won’t be able to catch enough attention. Unless if you do it extremely well.

3. If You Can Add Photos, Do It

If you can add small pictures of what you sell or produce, it would be awesome. They will surely instantly attract the attention of some clients. You will be able to establish a relationship with your current and potential clients. While photos are the ideal solution, you can use drawn pictures as well.

4. The Logo Must Be Visible

The logo must be visible and in an important position. It shouldn’t take up too much of your space, but it has to be clearly visible. The top-left or bottom-right spots are ideal, but any location can work.

Brooklyn printing services, Printing Brooklyn5. Keep It Short And Simple

Try to reduce the amount of text on your postcard to the minimum. Most people will ignore it if there is too much to read. Keeping it short and simple is of vital importance. Include the essential information and nothing else. Leave the details for your phone calls. The use of short, eye-catching phrases such as Only today, 50% OFF, or discount would be beneficial. The fewer font styles you use – the better. One for the heading and one for the texts would be ideal. One for the logo is ok too. And, make sure everything is correct. Grammar errors can seem embarrassing and might confuse the clients further if the contact information is wrong.

6. Keep It Clean

Simple texts allow for easy communication. Remove fluff from your texts or visual clutter. Make sure the colors and lines coexist in harmony. Change the fonts depending on whether you are doing a B2B postcard.

7. Be Unique From Your Competitors

Adding some unique elements such as rounded corners could make a difference. Experiment with ideas and try them out. Custom printing would be of great help, and here is where we come in. Nu-Miracle Press Printing Brooklyn will create the most astonishing postcard you have ever seen.

Brooklyn Printing Services

Nu-Miracle Press can offer you the best Brooklyn printing services. With the newest Nerox Digital equipment as our side, we can make brochures, flyers, business cards, postcards, envelops, and more. Contact us here. Printing Brooklyn at its finest.

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